Art History Flashcards of Famous Paintings

The 250 famous paintings in your Famous Paintings ebook are reproduced and analyzed in Masterpiece Cards, a set of art history flashcards summarizing the greatest hits in the history of Western art.

caravaggio conversion of saint paulThe Cards offer:

  • art commentary by leading art historians
  • key facts and faithful reproductions
  • a survey of the history of painting

All at your fingertips, to have and to hold.

To study and to compare. 

To learn and to teach.  For all ages.

Like this Caravaggio masterpiece, The Conversion of St. Paul.  

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Analysis of Famous Paintings

The analysis of these famous paintings is written by one of 40 art historians.  The selected essay is written in no-frills language.

Reproductions have been approved by art museums, providing authentic color. 

Vital facts are provided, like on this life-sized, 4" by 6" Card.

 art analysis Caravaggio

Short, insightful, and geared toward laypeople. 

Another Sample

Here's Impression: Sunrise, one of the most famous paintings by Monet (see image to right):

analysis monet impression sunrise

A insightful commentary, examining the historical context of the work, defining art historical terms, and explaining why Monet and his peers were so novel.

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Reviews of Masterpiece Cards

Customers of Masterpiece Cards include:

  • art history flashcardscollege professors and students in introduction to art history
  • AP art history students and teachers
  • homeschool families
  • frequent travelers in the U.S. and Europe
  • folks wishing to learn, or brush up on, the history of painting.

Please (oh, please) read what they're saying. 

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