Caravaggio and The Conversion of St. Paul

One of the best Caravaggio paintings, The Conversion of St. Paul is one of 250 famous paintings featured in Masterpiece Cards.  These art history flashcards reproduce and explain leading Renaissance paintings through Pop paintings, providing a survey of the history of art.

Like The Conversion of St. Paul

conversion of saint paul analyzed

Caravaggio. The Conversion of St. Paul.  Oil on canvas, circa 1601.  7'6" x 5'7".  Cerasi Chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome.


Analysis of Famous Paintings

When these famous paintings were created centuries ago, painters used references -- like Biblical and mythological ones - known to viewers.  Good art history teaches the historical, social and political contexts behind these works of art, making analysis of famous paintings meaningful.  And memorable.

That's why we pack the back of each Card with facts and a concise analysis: 

 art analysis Caravaggio

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