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Masterpiece Cards' customers are:
  • Visitors and travelers to art museums.  Enhance art appreciation by getting to know a painting before you see it.  Read more in Visiting Art Museums. 
  • Homeschool Families. The format of the Cards makes them easily editted - and great for all ages. Read about using the Cards in Homeschooling Art History
  • The wildly curious.  And anyone else who knows that the history of art is just plain fascinating. 
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Explanation and Analysis of Famous Paintings

Here's a masterpiece that comes alive with Masterpiece Cards' art history background.

In order to gain admission to the horse market to sketch this subject, Rosa Bonheur, the creator ofbonheur horse fair Horse Fair (left), had to disguise herself as a man.

Better still, it was just recently discovered that she painted her self portrait into this famous painting.  

How's that for the last laugh?

Horse Fair, Rosa Bonheur.  Oil on canvas, 1853 - 1855. 8' x 17' (approx.).  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.