Famous Paintings on Art History Cards

250 famous paintings are reproduced on 4" x 6" art history flash cards. Add art analysis (from art history experts) examining why it's a famous painting. Explore famous paintings from art museums throughout the U.S. and Europe - from Renaissance paintings to Pop, and all the famous paintings between. Like this famous painting by Monet:

Monet famous paintings

Claude Monet.  Impressionism: Sunrise.  Oil on canvas, 1872.  Approximately 19" x 25".  Musee Marmottan, Paris. 

Art Analysis - or "What's it all about?"

Art analysis of famous paintings makes them more memorable. Period. Read them before visiting art museums, while studying art history, or wherever.  Knowing the history of famous paintings is key to visual literacy.  Period again! Like in this art analysis of Monet's Impressionism:

 Monet Impressionism

 Janson's History of Art: Western Tradition, 7th Edition, page 873.

More Art Analysis Examples?

Fine with us! Learn about one of van Eyck's famous Renaissance paintings.