Teaching Famous Paintings?

Make teaching famous paintings more hands on. Discover Masterpiece Cards, a set of art history cards featuring 250 of the most influential works in Western art history.  These paintings are most often cited in some 17,000 pages of art history books - expose students to what dozens of art historians deem masterpiece.  

Each famous painting is faithfully reproduced and assessed by an art history pro (or two), offering: 

  • a tool for use in groups and independent study 
  • examples of writing (gramatically-correct!) essays about art
  • examination of connections between famous paintings and historical contexts.

Art History Highlights

Because teaching famous paintings can be overwhelming, we relied on art history experts to determine "the greatest hits." Then we added their insights assessing these masterpieces within their historical context.  Like this Holbein painting:

holbein explanation henry viii

 Laurie Schneider Adams, Art Across Time, 2nd Edition.  Pages 646-647.

She's one of forty art historians who share their expertise in Masterpiece Cards, offering a diversity of opinion greater than one textbook offers. 

Curious which famous paintings are featured in Masterpiece Cards? Download the Famous Paintings ebook, which names names (and titles, year of creation, location and art museum) - and with linked articles exploring these works.

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