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  • AP art history teachers in high school, and art history teachers in college.  Provides students with renowned paintings from an array of art history survey books, not just one. Read more in For Teachers.
  • titian rape europaTravelers to art museums and on art tours in the U.S. and Europe.  Because Masterpiece Cards showcase the paintings that art historians discuss and assess most often, this famous artwork will likely be in art museums you visit, and on the itinerary of major art tours! Get more details in For Travelers
  • Students in art appreciation and art history classes in high school and college. Success in art history means mastering oodles of famous paintings - their facts as well as historical contexts.  Read how Masterpiece Cards is a boon For Students.
  • Homeschooling Families. Use the Cards to teach children art appreciation and the history of painting, while retaining the right to edit out content you deem too mature.  Read about using the Cards for Homeschooling.
  • The Wildly Creative.  One bride-to-be is held her wedding in an art museum, using individual Cards as placecards.  A (brave and bold) grandmother hosted a 6 year old's birthday and painting party, handing each guest a Card and having her re-create a masterpiece painting.  Move over, Picasso! 
Titian (Tiziano Vecellio). Europe, 1560-62.  Oil on canvas, 178 x 205 cm. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, Massachusetts.

Art Paintings Explored and Explained

One of the 250 masterpiece paintings examined in Masterpiece Cards - and one whose meaning comes clear only by knowing its historical and social context.  The (now) famous painter, Rosa Bonheur, had to disguise herself as a man to gain admission into the horse market where she sketched this subject. Rosa Bonheur Horse Fair.

Horse Fair, Rosa Bonheur.  Oil on canvas, 1853 - 1855. 8' x 17' (approx.).  Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.  

It was recently discovered that Bonheur painted her self portrait into this imposing masterpiece.  I think she must have been laughing the entire time! 

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