Modern Art in Nazi Germany

Adolf Ziegler.  The Four Elements: Fire, Water and Earth, Air.  Oil on canvas, before 1937.  Left to right: 67" by 33"; 67" by 75"; 63" by 30" Shortly after Adolf Hitler came to power as chancellor in 1933, he commissioned [...]

Color Field Painting

Helen Frankenthaler not only pioneered color field painting but also enjoyed critical acclaim during her lifetime. That's unusual for any painter, let alone a woman during a time when female artists were still rare. Clement Greenberg (1909-1994), one of the most influential art critic [...]

Famous Paintings by de Kooning: 1946-1950

The first de Kooning art show, held in 1948 at New York’s Charles Egan Gallery, was comprised of ten paintings.  Historically, this art show has been labeled a failure, but that’s too black and white: de Kooning's exhibition received little press; three [...]

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Willem de Kooning Paintings

The MoMA exhibition, de Kooning: A Retrospective, shows some 200 Willem de Kooning paintings, sculptures and drawings, an exhaustive, exhilarating survey of one of the most innovative, famous painters in modern art. Abstract and figurative paintings hang side-by-side, interact and sometimes jostle each [...]

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