Get an overview of work by American painters, including famous artists like Grant Wood, Andy Warhol, Helen Frankenthaler, and Edward Hopper.  Explore artwork by other lesser known  American painters including Jacob Lawrence, Richard Diebenkorn, and Horace Pippin.

Famous Paintings: American Gothic

Many Americans first saw modern art at the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art, now simply called the Armory Show.  Although two-thirds of the works exhibited were by American painters, their European counterparts stole the show.  Americans may have been familiar with [...]

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James Abbott McNeill Whistler: Whistler’s Mother

At the age of 21, James Abbott McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) left his hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts for Paris, where he studied painting with Charles Gleyre (1806-1874), and befriended famous painters including Claude Monet and Gustave Courbet. Man with a Pipe, ca. [...]

Jacob Lawrence Paintings: The Migration Series

One of the most famous painters during the first half of the 20th century, Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) had two notable first-time achievements: Panel 1. During World War I there was a great migration north by southern African Americans.  Casein tempera on gessoed [...]

Sargent Paintings: Smoke of Ambergris

Smoke of Ambergris is a rarity in Sargent paintings - it is his take on Orientalist art. John Singer Sargent.  Self Portrait, 1906.  Oil on canvas.  Uffizi Gallery, Florence. The Orient, encompassing present-day Greece, Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East, [...]

Color Field Painting

Helen Frankenthaler not only pioneered color field painting but also enjoyed critical acclaim during her lifetime. That's unusual for any painter, let alone a woman during a time when female artists were still rare. Clement Greenberg (1909-1994), one of the most influential art critic [...]

Famous Painters: Richard Diebenkorn

Although most famous painters lived in New York in the 1950s, Richard Diebenkorn (1922-93) established a reputation as the leading West Coast abstract expressionist. His paintings significantly shaped the history of modern painting and inspired legions of modern painters. With that pedigree, [...]

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Art History Welcomes Robert Seldon Duncanson

Art history is welcoming into its canon another American painter, the 19th century African-American artist Robert Seldon Duncanson (often erroneously and mysteriously called "Robert Scott Duncanson").  Duncanson was recently introduced into the collection of the National Gallery of Art with his stunning still [...]

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