Art History Books Used

These art history books were consulted to determine 250 Masterpieces, and their authors provide the art criticism shown on each Masterpiece Card:

  • Laurie Schneider Adams, Art Across Time. McGraw Hill.
  • Carol Strickland, Ph.D. and John Boswell, The Annotated Mona Lisa. Andrew McMeel.
  • H. H. Arnason and Peter Kalb, History of Modern Art.  Pearson Education.
  • Robert Cumming, Annotated Art.  Dorling Kindersely Ltd.
  • Jonathan Fineberg, Art Since 1940.  Pearson Education.
  • Richard G. Tansey and Fred S. Kleiner, Gardner’s Art Through the Ages.  Wadsworth, Div. of Thomson Learning.
  • Frederick Hartt, Art: A History of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.  Pearson Education.
  • Hugh Honour and John Fleming, The Visual Arts: A History.  Pearson Education.
  • H. W. Janson, History of Art. Pearson Education.
  • H. W. Janson and Anthony F. Janson, A Short History of Art. Pearson Education.
  • Martin Kemp, The Oxford History of Western Art. Oxford Press.
  • Penelope J. E. Davies, Walter B. Denny, Frima Fox Hofrichter, Joseph Jacobs, Ann M. Roberts, and David L. Simon. Janson’s History of Art: Western Tradition.  Pearson Education.
  • Marilyn Stokstad, Art History. Pearson Education.
  • Sister Wendy Beckett and Patricia Wright, The Story of Painting.  Dorling Kindersely Ltd.

Nine other art history books were consulted, but their publishers denied our request to reprint quotes from these books.  Their titles are listed on the footnotes Card included in each set of Masterpiece Cards.