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Art Museums Fans

Fond of art museums? Visit art museums in new cities? Or simply love the history of painting? Read on.

The Masterpiece Cards is a set of art history cards that survey the history of painting, covering Renaissance art through Pop art paintings.

Each famous painting is reproduced, and explained by art history experts.  Concisely.

How might you use them? Use the colorcoding on each Card that indicates the US city or European country housing the work. Create itineraries for art museums, and explore the famous paintings you’ll see before you arrive!

Read art commentary from art history pros how every painting influenced the history of painting.

Curious? Look at a sample art history card.

Making Art History Memorable

Art history is fascinating when one knows what’s behind the work of famous painters. In one of the most famous paintings by Vermeer, discover why a Cupid is lurking on the Delft tile in the lower right… and what Vermeer may have been insinuating!

The Kitchen Maid, c. 1658-1660. Oil on canvas, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.