Famous Paintings to Start the Art History School Year

With another year of art history starting in high schools and colleges, I have consolidated some earlier posts about the famous paintings and artwork typically studied at the start of an academic year.  Dig in! Cave Paintings Big Horn Rhino, Chauvet caves, France. [...]

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Japanese Woodblock Prints: Great Wave

Of all Japanese woodblock prints, none is more identified with Japanese art than the iconic Great Wave, created by Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849). During the Edo period or Tokugawa era of 1603 to 1868, Japanese society was marked by: widespread peace and prosperity; [...]

Famous Paintings: Duccio’s Maesta

Although Italy imported Byzantine influences from port cities of Venice and Ravenna, that impact was hugely amplified in 1204 with the capture of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire and the center of the Eastern Christian Church. The brief tenure in Constantinople [...]

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Medieval Art: Book of Kells

Arguably, the most notable masterpiece of medieval art is the incomparable Book of Kells, a 680 page Latin manuscript of the Four Gospels. While most illuminated manuscripts were designed for use by missionaries - the shorter text was easier to carry - the Book [...]

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Byzantine Art: San Vitale Mosaics

Little Christian art survives from before the legalization of Christianity in AD 311, but notable examples of Byzantine art remain.  It flourished from 330 CE, the year Constantinople was founded, until the Turks overtook the city in 1453. During this vast expanse [...]

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Art History Outside Europe

Although art history outside Europe (or non-Western art) is now a key component of art appreciation and art history classes, resources and reference materials are limited compared to those for Western art history. Here are some helpful links: 1. The Walters Art Museum has launched a [...]

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African Art and Bocio

Given the surging interest in African art, it's surprising that Vodun: African Voodoo is the first art exhibition of its kind. It's worth the wait. Fon vodun sculpture.  Wood, rope, bones, duck skull, metal, terracotta, shells, beads, feathers, cloth, hair, plants.  Photo [...]

Art History Beyond Europe: Coatlicue

Art history beyond the European tradition expanded drastically around the year 1500, an era of European expansion and exploration.  Vasco da Gama sailed around Africa to India in 1497; Christopher Columbus (inadvertently) discovered and claimed Central America for Spain during his 1492-1504 [...]

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Art History Beyond Europe

I applaud incorporating art history beyond the European tradition into survey courses -- I just know little about this field, once called non-Western art. Because I've been writing about Renaissance paintings (like Mantegna's Dead Christ and Giorgione's Three Philosophers), it seems timely [...]

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