Famous Art Museums: Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait with Monkey. Oil on canvas, 1938.  16" by 12". The Albright-Knox Art Gallery is one of those rare art museums with an art collection that belies its size and location.  It's one of those regional art museums, [...]

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10 Famous Paintings at the Whitney Museum

The Whitney Museum of American Art, re-opened in May 2015 in a new building, now holds its own in the U. S. art scene: the famous paintings at the Whitney Museum have never looked so spectacular due to its breath-taking, Renzo Piano building. Of his [...]

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10 Famous Paintings in the Prado Museum

Here are 10 famous paintings in the Prado Museum by both Spanish and European painters. Above all, don't miss these masterpieces if you're lucky enough to visit. This institution opened in 1819 as the Royal Museum of Paintings. It subsequently formed the [...]

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Art Paintings to See at the National Gallery

With 2300 famous paintings in its collection of European paintings, London's National Gallery can be overwhelming. In fact, most art museums are -- which is when (and where) Masterpiece Cards' research is indispensable. We surveyed nearly two dozen art history books to [...]

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20 Louvre Paintings Not to Miss

Averaging 8 to 9 million visitors a year, the Louvre Museum is often the most frequently visited art museum in the world. Although the Louvre collection consists of some 38,000 objects from prehistory through the 19th century, visitors primarily come to see [...]

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10 Famous Paintings in the Rijksmuseum

As Amsterdam's national museum, the Rijksmuseum is loaded with famous paintings, including iconic Rembrandt paintings and Vermeer paintings. Johannes Vermeer.  The Kitchen Maid, c. 1658-1660.  Oil on canvas, approximately 18" by 16".  Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam While its vast collection of Rembrandt [...]

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Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshuis

 The 2013-14 exhibition, Girl with a Pearl Earring: Dutch  Paintings from the Mauritshuis, presented works of renowned Dutch painters - and a curated guide to many famous paintings to see at this museum! Carel Fabritius. The Goldfinch, 1654. Oil on panel, apporximately [...]

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Famous Paintings at Art Institute of Chicago

History of Art Institute of Chicago In 1866, a group of 35 artists founded the Chicago School of Design, now called the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  The school constructed a building in 1870, but in less than a year, [...]

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40 Famous Paintings in Washington, DC Art Museums

Visiting Washington, DC art museums and all their famous paintings? Take along this itinerary of famous paintings to get you started. With this ebook, Forty Famous Paintings in Washington, DC, you will: know key facts about famous paintings not to miss [...]

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