Famous Paintings eBook 2017

Announcing an updated Famous Paintings ebook! With vital facts about 250 paintings - from Renaissance art through Pop art - and linked articles exploring the art history behind over 200 famous painters and their works. The free Famous Paintings ebook provides: each painting's size, year of creation, [...]

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Survey of Renaissance Paintings

The quantity of famous Renaissance paintings - and the genius of their creators - remain a marvel in the history of art.  This cultural movement, which roughly spanned the 14th to 17th centuries, brought a resurgence of interest in Greco-Roman culture. Renaissance [...]

Survey of Female Painters

With female artists becoming more mainstream in the last sixty years, it's easy to overlook the wildly improbable odds that confronted female painters during earlier eras of art history. Historically, women artists were prohibited from seeing a nude male model (no less than Thomas [...]

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Famous Paintings in the Louvre ebook

Jacques-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatii between the Hands of their Father. Oil on canvas, 10'10" by 13'11".  Louvre, Paris. Going to see famous paintings in the Louvre? As one of the world's most spacious art museums with [...]

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Most Controversial Paintings in Art History

What are the most controversial paintings in art history? Valid opinions have to incorporate a key premise of art history-- that works of art must be assessed within their historical, political, and social contexts. Otherwise, "controversial" makes little sense. How so? Imagine [...]

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