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“I am the delighted new owner of Masterpiece Cards: 250 Masterpieces in Western Art. I have been using them for about a month now and am finding them inspirational and extraordinarily purposeful. The Cards are gorgeous postcard-size matisse dancereproductions from the “canon” of art history that feature not only a high quality image, but also essential information regarding paintings and artists on the flip side.

I teach art history and studio art in grades 7-12 (including AP art history) and have already used the Cards for several purposes. I have played visual connection games with my students (which they love) and have been able to use them to play “Detective” (who is that unknown artist, what period of art do they work in and what is your stylistic evidence?). I have also used the Cards in a unit presenting visual vocabulary (subject, function, style—composition, shape, color, line, etc.) Students were able to choose a work of art that was meaningful to them from the vast array offered in the Masterpiece collection and practice their new vocabulary in writing exercises. This provided my kids a very happy introduction to talking/writing about art! I plan on having my students again choose Cards soon to do a reproduction drawing during studio time.

I only wish I had these Cards when I was homeschooling my three children (now in college and beyond). I would have LOVED to have been able to make these exquisite Cards available to them. I can think of many, many ways I could have folded them into our curriculum—pairing them easily into literature, history, and music studies, playing a version of concentration that depended on stylistic assessment, and working with my young children to learn about the seasons and emotional identification through these great works of art. Just allowing easy access to this collection would have profoundly enriched my children’s’ development, not only by heightening their knowledge of and respect for an art historical legacy, but also by opening up the visual and emotional world that surrounds them in more connected and meaningful ways. Masterpiece Cards are a worthwhile and profoundly flexible addition to any homeschool or classroom.

Mary Malaguti Lanctot
Art and Art History Teacher
Spirit of Knowledge Charter School
Worcester, MA

AP Art History Instructor
PA Homeschoolers