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Art History Teachers Say…

“I use Masterpiece Cards as an AP art history study guide. I have used them for tests, giving each student an individual Card and a set of questions, which cuts down on cheating… A wonderful tool for all Art History teachers!

-J. Tiongson, AP Art History Teacher, NJ

“As a teacher of AP Art History in a community that has no art museums, I do everything I can to expose my students to art in new ways. It’s wonderful to have an alternative to slide shows and Powerpoint. 

This sure beats having students do research on their own time, track down a color photocopier, and then have the copy look sloppy! Great AP art history study guide.”

-B. Haakanson, AP Art History Teacher, Alaska

“My students love Masterpiece Cards. They not only like the information provided, but they love shuffling through the Cards, revisiting them, and studying the detail.”

-S. Hasselman, AP Art History Teacher, New Jersey

“No more xeroxing pictures from the textbook and having the kids make up their own flashcards!”

-J. Anderson, Art History Teacher from San Diego, CA

“The Cards are beautifully done and a wonderful addition to our art department… As an AP teacher, I have already thought ways in which the Cards will be helpful – visual quizzes, random art essay assignments in addition to group oral presentations. I also teach AP Studio Art and am going to use them with that course as well. Thank you again for such an outstanding product.”

-K. Thrush, AP Art History Teacher from Aurora, IL

“I think the Cards are great as is. I would not change a thing!”

-P. Plyler, Art History Teacher from Longwood, FL

“I was surprised by how much my high-tech, web-oriented kids like Masterpiece Cards and study them!”

-D. Howard, AP Art History Teacher, S. Carolina