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AP Art History Teachers Say…

“I was surprised by how much my high-tech, website-oriented kids like Masterpiece Cards and read them!”

-D. Howard, AP Art History Teacher, S. Carolina

“I use Masterpiece Cards as an AP art history study guide. I have used them for tests, giving each student an individual Card and a set of questions, which cuts down on cheating… A wonderful tool for all Art History teachers!

-J. Tiongson, AP Art History Teacher, NJ

AP Art History Students Say…

Professors Say…

Detail, Duccio Maesta

Detail, Duccio Maesta.

“I used Masterpiece Cards in two “Introduction to Visual Arts” classes with terrific success… I highly recommend Masterpiece Cardsfor any professor whose goal is to have class members acquire a deep appreciation for art of all periods.”

-Louisa Woodville,Department of History and Art History, George Mason University

“Students enjoyed studying and using Masterpiece Cards because they can really examine each artwork individually, and have easy access to information about the art and the artist.  Students have said that unlike the typical text, they actually are learning by looking!  The Cards also promote more in-class discussion”

-Marion Deshmukh, Robert T. Hawkes Professor of History, Department of History and Art History, George Mason University

Old Schoolhouse Magazine: “This product is such a wonderful resource for homeschoolers… “

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“We wanted to incorporate art appreciation into our homeschooling, but it’s something I was never taught, so I didn’t know where to begin. After working through the “Mommy, It’s a Renoir” books we were all hungry for more beautiful art. But searching for affordable prints to cover all of art history was taking an awful lot of time, and lots more money than we expected. The Masterpiece Cards were just what we were missing! Beautiful prints, in a perfect size for small hands, that cover so so much of art history! At less than $0.30 per print, it’s such an amazing bargain… What a wonderful way to approach the masters!”

-J. Morgan, Wichita, KS

“I only wish I had these Cards when I was homeschooling my three children! I would have LOVED to have been able to make these exquisite Cards available to them.” 

-Mary Lanctot, AP Art History Teacher

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Cathy Duffy Reviews say: “On the reverse of each card are the artist, artist’s life span, title, media used, time period when this artwork was completed, size, museum where it is located, and the city of that museum”.

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“We LOVE these Cards! We are a home schooling family and enjoy using the Cards for discussion starters.. We also might experiment with our own interpretive art or writing inspired by the work studied. The best feature of the Cards is two-fold: quality and portability. “

-A. Adair, Tampa, FL

“We received our Masterpiece Cards, looked through them and discussed several of the paintings that day!  This is a great product and we are pleased with our purchase.  I am a homeschool mom…” 

-L. Hopple, Wellington, FL

Bloggers Say…

From Hyperallergic: “The Cards are great for those studying art history, especially at the intro college or AP high school level, but they’re a lovely way to brush up on your knowledge and find some creative inspiration.”  

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Bob Duggan of Big Think: “Masterpiece Cards rides to the rescue of students and art lovers everywhere with their concise collection of 250 Cards featuring the greatest paintings from the Renaissance to the 1960s…”

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No doubt about it there has always been nudity in art, and it, along with some themes, can be inappropriate for some students. Take a look at what Bill Land, MAEd, NBCT, customer extraordinaire and an elementary school teacher in NC, flagged as Masterpiece Cards that may be unsuitable for young learners.

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