Famous Paintings on Cards

It’s easy to find images of famous paintings… but not art analysis of them, answering why and how the painting influenced art history.

Introducing Masterpiece Cards, art history cards that reproduce and explain the significance of some of the best paintings ever made, in the words of an art history expert (or two). Discover what’s behind Caravaggio’s Conversion of St. Paul:

Art History Made Accessible

There are countless ways to explore art history with Masterpiece Cards, like:

  • arrange the Cards chronologically to create an art history timeline
  • using the color-coding, identify famous paintings to see in art museums you’ll be visiting
  • introduce art movements and art history terms from the basics of color and line to more sophisticated terms like Cubism

An Art History Survey in a Box

Interested in an easy way to explore art history?

Masterpiece Cards are a boxed set of 250 art history cards that:

  • reproduce some of the best paintings in art history
  • explain the work’s meaning within the context of when it was made;
  • invite comparison with their portable, 4″ by 6″ formats; and
  • survey over 5 centuries of the history of painting.

Each set costs $60 – about a quarter each – and a fraction of the cost of a museum postcard. And with SO much more.

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