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Art History News

  • Discover nearly 2 million free works of art from famous museums.
  • An established UK art forger now claims that it was he – and not Leonardo da Vinci – who created La Bella Principessa – despite recent authentication of this work.
  • explore this fabulous series of art history videos introducing American and European art of the last century.  Geared toward grades 6-12, and a digestible 15 minutes long. 
  • New software is aiding art research into identification of people in old paintings. 27 characteristics of an individual’s face can uniquely identify it!

Henri Matisse.  Bathers by a River, started 1909 and finished 1917.  Oil on canvas.  102 1/2″ x 154 3/16″.  Art Institute of Chicago. 

  • Upheaval from the Black Death, including massive loss of life and distruption to trade and farming, was likely a stimulus for the start of the Renaissance.  Read more in Louisa Woodville’s insightful article at Smarthistory.
  • The Prado museum has built a new website devoted to Goya artwork, showing its collection of 152 Goya paintings.  The site also shows his drawings and prints. 
  • Want an overview of Renaissance paintings? Here’s a baker’s dozen of the famous painters who defined the period in art history.

  • Boy in a Red Vest, one of the most famous Cezanne paintings, was stolen in 2008 and recovered by Swiss and Serbian police. Left.
  • Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine is in good shape for being 500, but Polish conservators have announced it won’t travel again for a decade.
  • Art historian Martin Kemp discusses why he believes Salvator Mundi is the real deal Leonardo painting.
  • Scientists examined the cave paintings in Pech-Merle, known for portrayal of spotted horses.  Using DNA evidence, scientists concluded that the spotted horses co-existed with the artists.
  • It’s no longer night in Night Watch, the best known of all Rembrandt paintings, after the Rijksmusuem altered the lighting on it. Read more by clicking the link.

Rembrandt.  Militia Company of Captain Frans Banning Cocq (Night Watch), 1642.  Oli on canvas, approx. 12′ by 14′.  Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

  • Michelangelo painting, La Pieta with Two Angels, has been restored and is on display in a Rome Renaissance art show as art historians debate it!
  • One of the best known Goya paintings, Don Ramon Satue, has a secret – a recently discovered underpainting.
  • Two art history classes experimented with Masterpiece Cards for the AP Art History exam.  Now we have data showing that the Cards improve performance!
  • Italian researchers are investigating Stendhal’s Syndrome, an alleged phenomenon in which people experience increased respiration and heart rate when viewing famous artwork.  I’m a believer!

Famous Paintings ebooks

The Famous Paintings ebook lists 250 of the most famous paintings in the world, according to art history writers.  With this ebook, you can

  • locate the art museums which house these works of art
  • create an itinerary of famous artwork in nearly 100 art museums
  • learn facts about art paintings from over 200 famous painters.

Off to Paris? We’ve compiled an ebook of Famous Paintings in the Louvre, too — explore some of the greatest hits in art history there, and some lesser known art paintings, too.

Visiting New York? The famous art at the Metropolitan must be on your list! Get the Famous Paintings in the Met ebook for a beginning itinerary of some of its best paintings. And don’t miss these 10 famous paintings at the Whitney!

Going to Chicago? Take along the Famous Paintings at the Art Institute for art historians’ suggestions for 60+ of its most influential paintings.

London bound? Here’s an introduction to some of the most renowned art paintings at the National Gallery.

Exploring Washington, DC? Here are suggestions for must-see famous paintings in Washington, DC.

Above: Jacques-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatii.  Oil on canvas, ca. 1784.  10’10” by 13’11”.  Louvre, Paris. 

Art History Diversions…

  • The famed Barnes Foundation closed at its Merion, PA location, but the New York Times offers memorable video views of one of the quirkiest art museums
  • Call it art or call it yarn bombing — but check out this trend of covering everything (including the Wall Street bull) with yarn!
  • More on Google Art Project: its founder, Amit Sood, gives a TED talk about how the Project is designed to supplement visiting art museums (6 mins.)

First Silvano Vinceti dug up alleged Caravaggio bones, and now he’s on to the Mona Lisa, long believed to be Lisa Gherardini. He’ll use DNA testing and if skull fragments are available, attempt to rebuild her face.  Read more about unearthing Mona Lisa!

An Andy Warhol statue in New York City is generating controversy.  How perfect is that?

What could be more enticing than unearthing a Velazquez painting from the storage room? Read about this promising discovery.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has an expanded image library of 2,000 objects, all free of charge and in the public domain.

Top picks for art history videos on YouTube!

Watch Women in Art.  This video of famous females in Western art history is award-winning — and it’s no wonder! Stumped on who these leading ladies in art history are? Here are the answers to Women in Art, frame by frame.

Check out Google Art Project to explore famous art. Get Street View virtual tours of 17 art museums, digitization of nearly 1000 of the best paintings in these museums, biographies of famous painters, and a sense of awe.

Live reenactment of art history masterpieces, or rock music meets art history. Who could ever say art historians are a stuffy lot?

Read how to write a strong art history paper. Great for perfecting art essays.